My name is Benjamin. I'm a student from Colorado interested in web development, deep learning and AI, engineering, computational physics, and more. I love reading, taking long bike rides, and coding for hours on end. Right now, I'm primarily working on my writing extension Simply Synonyms.

Within my community, I lead a Hack Club at my high school, and often volunteer at my local library, teaching 3d printing classes and other tech-related things.

Additionally, I find engineering and physics insanely fascinating (and I'm highly interested in pursuing computational physics). I'm currently working with some members of my school's physics club to develop a payload for a high-altitude atmospheric research project, and also helping to test and develop a citizen science project researching the vibrations of plasma fields in space.

Standing invitation: If you want to build something together, ask a question, or just chat about technology or science or something else, please reach out!